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Are you looking for your RIBO* continuing education hours?

Do you want your courses to be insightful, interesting and quick?

Your search need not be frustrating nor time consuming

                    I'm here to help !                              

You've come to the right place if you

  • want to get your *RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) hours fairly quickly.
  • are open to take a course online, or take a face to face workshop.
  • are ready for a change and want to take some courses that focus on well being.

Whether you hope to improve your personal life, or your work life, my blog, courses, seminars, webinars and coaching will be the next right thing for you to do, or to have to step towards that vision. And you'll get your hours too.

My mission is to assist the conscious, courageous, fearless and confident individuals to find solutions to connect to their lives.

Some of the courses will be offered on my Solution Lady Academy. If you prefer an in house course, please call 613 419 1075 or email me at to schedule some time to discuss your needs. 



As usual, I found Linda in great shape to coach me on the subject at hand. I am more equipped to handle stress situations.

Anthony Zammit
Vice President

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